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It is in the name, Capture Your Moment Photography doesn't just capture any moment, it captures YOUR moment. Time goes fast, sometimes moments go forgotten. That is where I come in. I take these moments that may be forgotten, what your groom looks like when he sees you for the first time on your wedding day or the way your newborn baby crumples her face up when she is learning to smile, and I capture that moment in time, securing it in a memorable photo that will keep those precious times close to you.

Wedding Services:

On your wedding day I will be there with you to capture everything, from getting your hair and nails done to the traditional first dance. We will meet beforehand to discuss specific times and different photo combinations you want. Where I have my own set of rules when I go to a wedding, everyone is different. Capture Your Moment Photography not only makes sure that your photos capture those wonderful moments but also makes sure they show a reflection of you.

Portrait Services:

These photo sessions can occur outdoor or indoor. During these sessions I will give little direction so that you and what makes up your family is reflected. These photo sessions are meant to be fun and enjoyable. My hope is that you hardly notice I am there, snapping away, and completely immerse yourself in the moment.